GPS navigator Mio Moov S550


New easy case Mio Moov S550 and the 4.7-inch screen provide unusual convenience of use. And due to such function as Slide Touch ™ the menu and maps slide on the screen, allowing to get access to riches of navigating features with smaller amount of clicks. Bluetooth ® is built – in, so that you could, as soon as possible take advantage Google ™ local Search and find out a lot of interesting in any place.

Thin and stylish
The 13,9-mm ultrathin case and the 4,7-inch large-format screen transform Moov S500 into the ideal partner for travel at an active way of life.

Soft Mio Spirit
Intuitive interface Mio Spirit with the newest cartographical data is created for new generation of travellers.

Bells with help Hands-free through Bluetooth ®
Now, being for a rudder in road you can easy call by phone and answer bells with help Bluetooth ®


Wide LCD the screen 4.7″
Investigate unknown
Keep the moment in memory
Selection of a suitable lane
Media a player
Operate, as local
Google Maps ™
Search by key words
Economic route
Photo-navigation NavPix
Interface Slide Touch ™
MioMore ™ Desktop 2